Our Brands

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Summit Hotels & Resorts is a Premier Leisure Hospitality brand. We pride ourselves as the largest Himalayan Hospitality chain of hotels. Our hotels and resorts are well-chosen and located in scenic hill stations spread across North East India, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Bhutan.

We excel in providing warm Himalayan hospitality at high altitudes. When you walk into any of our hotels, you are greeted with a traditional Himalayan welcome from our staff who calls the Himalayas their home. After all, your holiday is about a complete experience - you expect a complete Himalayan experience from us!

While you soak in the culture and enjoy the majestic mountain views, we ensure that you are warm and comfortable. Every amenity - from electric blankets and heaters to serving you a piping-hot cup of tea, the double pane windows that keep the cold out, to the continuous supply of hot water for your shower- we have your hill station holiday covered completely.

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Welcome to the realm of comfort and accessible luxury! Mount Hotels is a chain of hotels spread across some of the most sought after holiday destinations in North East India. These hotels offer superior hospitality and accommodation at affordable prices to travellers from all across the world.

Each hotel offers lavish, warm and comfortable rooms with wooden flooring and splendid views of the mountains that adorn the landscape around. The hotels are also centrally located and are in close proximity to some of the most popular places of interest.

Exceptional hospitality, unwavering service and value for money propositions, make Mount Hotels the go-to destination for travellers. Our priorities are always in sync with your demands, ensuring your stay is comparable to a state of absolute bliss.